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Why This Book?

I am sure that you are an expert in a certain field. Did you know that your success is determined by your weakest skill? Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Find your own weakest link and improve it. Continue searching for your second weakest link, master it and watch your success grow with an incredible speed.

The Golden Tree with its seven steps will help you determine your own weak points, overcome your challenges and speed up you process of becoming a successful part of wood industry.

Why and who should read this book?
  • breakfast in Oslo with the father of the TRIPP TRAPP legend – Mr. Kaare Stokke and his wife
  • discussing with Mr. Christian Bergmann, managing director and co-owner of the company HOLZ SPECKMANN from Germany
  • shaking hands with legendary RAYMOND AARON, the New York Times best selling author
  • searching for new ideas with my sister ALENKA and PETER OPSVIK, who designed the legendary TRIPP TRAPP chair
  • visiting new show room with JOHN HERMANN FOSS HAGEN, the CEO and co-owner of the HAGEN industry in Stryn (Norway)
  • dinner with Mr. FADIL ČOSTOVIĆ, the founder and owner of the company ARTISAN from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • on a meeting with Mr. FABIAN HARTMANN and Mr. CHRISTOPH ZUMSTEG, co-owner of CARL GOTZ from Germany
  • Windsurfing
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This book is a “must read” for everybody who wants to succeed in wood industry. It covers all important aspects of this business and I am convinced you will find it interesting, regardless of your position in worldwide “wood family”.

A good friend of mine once told my Bosnian wood supplier: “You know, studying to become a mechanical engineer is much harder than studying to become a wood engineer”.
I will never forget his answer: “I am sure it is, but real problems start after the study. And there is no other material in this world as demanding as wood.”

Wood is the most commonly used natural material in the whole world. It is fascinating how people can produce millions of identical cars, but no one can produce two identical wooden products, it is simply not possible. That is the beauty of working with this magnificent material. Unfortunately it can also be its curse.

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