Why to read this Book?

We live in a world that spins with an incredible speed. Demand for wooden products is growing every day, so is the number of people trying to succeed in wood industry. There are literally millions of books that can teach you all about selling, marketing and branding. I am perfectly aware that I cannot elaborate on such comprehensive subjects in my book. And why would I? Many other authors have done that already. My goal was simply to provide you with some basic information and help you find additional sources of knowledge about how to succeed in wood industry. Many information that are not found in the book are published on the web site www.thegoldentreebook.com.

I am sure that you are an expert in a certain field. Did you know that your success is determined by your weakest skill? Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Find your own weakest link and improve it. Continue searching for your second weakest link, master it and watch your success grow with an incredible speed.

The Golden Tree with its seven steps will help you determine your own weak points, overcome your challenges and speed up you process of becoming a successful part of wood industry.

After all, what is more inspiring than reading all about the secrets of most successful market leaders in the industry?

Who should Read this Book?

This book is a “must read” for everybody who wants to succeed in wood industry. It covers all important aspects of this business and I am convinced you will find it interesting, regardless of your position in worldwide “wood family”.

If you are a carpenter, you may find specific instructions how to develop new products and how to look for potential costumers.

Perhaps you are responsible for branding in an important furniture store, trying to find the best way to present your products and build your own brand.

Executives can look for hints from their colleagues working in successful companies.

And finally, I sincerely hope that THE GOLDEN TREE will inspire young people to join us for a ride in this beautiful world of wood and its magnificent products.

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